Danish Architect Lundgaard and Tranberg have created this remarkable SEB Headquarter in Copenhagen, Denmark. They won the RIBA Award 2011 for this creation.

Source: Barb.

Amazing office


Editorial ‘McQueen`s Kingdom’ by Steven Klein (W Magazine 2002)


Editorial ‘McQueen`s Kingdom’ by Steven Klein (W Magazine 2002)

Oriental chic

h finally I had my new haircut yesterday, I mean, after all these months of humiliation fro the past few months of “bad hair” days!! I gave my hair stylist the last shot despite the worst haircut ever but some part of me still have faith in him and he really proof me wrong! Thanks God!

The hairstyle seem not match with the oriental style but I just love the print on this shift dress alot and it matches very well with the retro silver Jeffrey campbell shoes… the dress maybe abit short but then I think it is a good length for summer…

yaaa ho! =D

Tribal Fusion

oday is Saturday, right in the middle of summer, extremely hot but a very relaxing weekend just start. I was on the way to work in the morning before I enjoy a nice lunch and city hangout in the afternoon.

I always like Tribal or Ikat print, but I never really take it seriously. I must admit that it is the first time I wear Tribal print in my entire life and i just lovin it. I got this dress, oh wait, I should call it tunic because the butt can easily show off once I knee down. I got this cute little vintage tribal tunic in ebay auction. Interesting.. I just don’t understand why I would bet on it, especially I didn’t take Tribal that seriously. But I am glad that I did.

I should do it better with my shoes, I would prefer to wear my JC page one instead, wedge with moccasin style fringe in suede, it will definitely look really cute. I cant, I give up high heels this week, after a long battle in tennis last Wednesday night, my feet pretty much need some rest before I get on my heels again..

Oriental Chic

Oriental style is a big heat in Spring 2011, especially a huge impact at Louis Vuitton. Silhouette direction includes wide sleeves, mandarin collars and high-slit cheongasm dresses, for a very literal take on the theme. Asian floral prints are another strong direction from Louis Vuitton and Dries Van Noten. All-over dragon prints are highlighted at Christopher Kane. Frog buttons are a common detail.

A Chinitas like me is very value my original heritage and definitely find Chinese colors and patterns fascinating, especially the traditional colors and patterns from the long Chinese history. 

Chinese colors and patterns are not just about red, gold, black and blue or just about dragon, phoenix, or gold fish that you see in China Town. If you have been traveled to China, you will see something more than that, something more delicate and elegant…

I think Marc Jacob, Christopher Kane and DVN did a great job of “not overwhelming” the oriental element because it can be easily become very cliche if over-use or mistakingly use….

However, undeniable that Chinese colors are strong and attractive, if you know how to mix and match with the pattern, that you definitely can catch some eyes.

I keep some vintage collection from my mom and grandma, even my wedding I have my own designed chinese dress with all over lace and beading…

you may think..”Oh Chinese traditional dress is only for cocktail or special occasion”, but there is other way you can jam with it for daily use”…. 

There is some high-street brands out there is following this trend, you can find it everywhere. Personally I do not like Kimono myself, regardless it can be comfortable match with jeans but I found the sleeves could drive me crazy… I personally will focus on matching different pattern together. 

I always love red and I use red as my core color, regardless it is solid red or patterned red and the fabric has to be soft and smooth, silk, silk silk! beautiful silk!

I matched a floral printed jacket and match with a red maxi pleated skirt with a twist of jade green top..

I also would mix the same red floral printed jacket with the Almost gold yellow floral printed dress…

I would love to match them all with silver high heels. very exotic, and the silver shoes just stand out immediately…

I do not think you have to wear too much jewellry for it because the beautiful patterns have presented itself very well already, but I would not mind to wear some cocktail or statement ring, or earrings for the finish touch….

Peachy fine on Saturday!

Every Saturday I meet up my hun after his work. We always hang out in soho to grab some bite before we do something exciting at night…I love this soft silk blouse match with cotton lace pants, very summer-eeee n comfy…but still I hold on a little bit of glams on my shoes :-D haha my bling bling

Peachy fine on Saturday!

Every Saturday I meet up my hun after his work. We always hang out in soho to grab some bite before we do something exciting at night…I love this soft silk blouse match with cotton lace pants, very summer-eeee n comfy…but still I hold on a little bit of glams on my shoes :-D haha my bling bling

Red Hot Chili Pepper

I normally don’t wear that formal but today I have to wear more conservative and formal because I have a bank luncheon event to go at 4 season hotel. You know bankers are very conservative with their styles, or maybe called it a “boring” dress code – black, grey, navy, white, stripe, whatever it is..

Its summer and I want to wear something bring, so I just chose this comfortable dress that can be both “boring” and “sexy” at the same time. “boring” that its more a tailor cut that suit the conservative style but at the same time “sexy” with the slim cut on the silhouette..its a trick…I like it this way and I feel like it is my character not trying to fit into the banker dressing culture.

80s Neon

Its Friday night, and I have a bunch of friends visited from Denmark. It was nice seeing them since the wedding and it was nice catching up with them.

It was so hot last night, unbearable hot and humid, especially rain season in Hong Kong. I ran through my closet and I just didn’t know what to do for dressing up nice for my in-town guests!

I just thought – Vintage never goes wrong and at least I can find a reason to wear my new pairs of Jeffrey Campbell Gallatin. hahaha! =P

I love the 80s Neon palette and I just can mix anything with it, but definitely full on with gold accessories..

Strangely enough, my Bruuns Bazaar leather weave clutch match well with JC..Fantastic!! =D

Summer! I love you!

I have been waiting for so long, finally JC Gallatin Summer lita arrived! I drooled since the day Gallatin showed herself in the blogger world and I couldnt wait until it arrived!

Finally! my desperation comes to the end and now i am having another problem what should I vote for, 2 colors available, black and Pink..I just cant stop counting “mini mini mani mo” and I still cant decided which color is my favorite! OMG! it is the biggest challenges!

Regardless, I love both of them and I think it is the sexiest summer shoes in town and definitely turns heads….

hmmm….yummy yummy…………

Retro Star…

Long weekend passed quick! i was too lazy to work on my tumblr and Chictopia but relaxing myself at the pool without thinking too much from the busiest past week. 

This week is going to run fast before my honeymoon and I just get back to my Chic-mood again and put on some stuff.. This summer its all about colour, the brighter the better! ha ha! Alot of noise and the eye candies. 

Today, I feel like to wear something vintage. Sometimes i tell my hubby that I should re-born from the past that my soul just couldn’t stop thinking about the old time. I love vintage and I just mix it all up with new..

I have my 70s oversize sunglasses, my lovely twinkle stars silk blouse from Zara and my pretty vintage orange red skirt.. and I highlighted my vintage orange red with yellow flat from Zara…

And I love love love my vintage clutch =D 

my 70s boogie sunglasses! yay! =D